Reliability as standard

Over 3 million tonnes transported across PL-DE border

From 2007 until today, Freightliner transported over 3 million tonnes of aggregates across Polish - German border

Most of the aggregates were used for roads and highway constructions. We were able to provide fast, efficient, safe and environment friendly solution to carry significant amounts of bulk material.

We gained a lot of experience and established Freightliner as a leader in Polish-German cross-border transportation.

Bulk material transports for the S3 road construction in Poland

Intensive development of the motorway network created high demand for bulk material in Western Poland. Since November 2007, Freightliner delivered aggregates from Koschenberg's quarry (Germany) to a number of terminals along the construction of the S3 motorway.

We were running two laden trains everyday. Most of the time, there were 6 sets of 44 wagons involved in the process. Each set carried 2660 net tons, which was an unprecedented amount for cross-border transport.

With its sensible and efficient planning, Freightliner could deliver 80 000 tonnes per month. The transportations had to be backed up by quick unloading - we were emptying 88 wagons per day on a regular basis. During this contract, Freightliner gained extremely valuable experience and demonstrated trustworthiness and reliability as a supplier for large construction. We developed successful procedures which we use in cross-border transport since then.

Long haul

Our qualified and experienced team is ready to provide you with best quality transport service across Germany.

We have already established a network of partners and co-operating companies which allow us to provide wide range of service. However, we specialise in petrolium, coal, coke, timber and cars.

Our Offer

  • Bulk material transportation
  • Coke and coal transportation
  • Hook and haul
  • Cross-border transportation
  • Shunting
  • 24/7 Operations control for Germany and Poland

Our advantages

  • Logistics optimisation
  • Innovative rolling stock
  • Service quality, safety, punctuality and ability to quickly react for changing circumstances
  • Leader in providing Polish-German cross-border service
  • Experienced team