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50 Jahre Freightliner

Am 12. November 2015 feiert Freightliner, das größte Eisenbahnunternehmen im Seehafencontainerverkehr des Vereinigten Königreichs, sein 50-jähriges Bestehen seit dem Startsignal des ersten Freightliner-Zuges auf der Strecke von London nach Glasgow.

Seit der Gründung im Jahr 1965 als Containerzug-Abteilung von British Rail, dem staatlichen Eisenbahnunternehmen im Personen- und Güterzugverkehr Großbritanniens, eilt Freightliner von Erfolg zu Erfolg.


Transport of coal to Germany

FPL and FDE recently undertook the first transportation of coal PL for the first time carried coal from the Sławków Euroterminal to Germany. The train reached its destination without the need to change the locomotive, allowing the border crossing to be completed within 15-30 minutes. Once in Germany, the train was operated by Freightliner DE.

Freightliner transports grain


This year, on November 16, FPL launched the first transport of grain in its history. The train, composed of 33 Uagps rail cars, took fodder corn from Poland to Germany.

FPL was the first carrier in Poland to rent the Uagps type rail cars, which are used for carrying grain and fodder materials, and are widely operated in Southern and Western Europe.

This is a new market for FPL and has involved a year-long process from planning through to implementation.

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