24/7 Operations Control

In Freightliner we understand that punctuality and reliability is a product of good planning and flexible operations control.

Our experienced dispatchers form a well cooperating team.

We manage the operations in Germany and are experts in Polish-German cross-border transport

We supervise our trains 24/7 from operations control in Warsaw and Berlin. We are always in touch with our drivers and maintenance staff.

Our dispatchers share their knowledge about infrastructure, train operations and procedures. They cooperate in order to provide the best quality cross-border service.

We react as quickly as possible. We are ready to redirect our trains in case of railway works. We are able to redirect our trains to alternative routes and solve all the issues that might appear in everyday operations.

Focusing on the improvement

Our planning and operations control work around the clock on the best possible solution cost wise, effective wise and time wise.
We share our knowledge within Freightliner Group and we base on reliable and proven resource planning.

Our team is customer-oriented and uses all its skill and tools to optimise the transportation process.
We cooperate with all the parties involved in the transportation process trying to improve the quality and clients satisfaction.

Hook and Haul

  • We can use our locomotives to carry your wagons
  • We are certified to transport dangerous goods
  • We are open to customise the solution to satisfy customers' needs

Shunting works

  • Our locomotives are suitable for shunting works
  • Our emplyees are qualified for shunting works