Reliability as standard

Transport of coal

Thanks to Eamnoss wagons we are the most effective coal and coke carrier.

Thanks to innovative wagon construction we are able to carry 29% more net weight on the same length of train comparing to standard wagons.

We have experience with coal and coke transportation and we are experts in Poliand - Germany cross-boarder logistics.

The heaviest train in Europe

The gross weight of the trains transporting coal from the mines of Coal Holding Company “Komapnia Węglowa” is 4800 tonnes. These are currently the heaviest trains in Europe pulled by a single locomotive.

A train set consisting of 57 wagons transports 3600 tonnes of coal to Bydgoszcz. A 750 metre long train travels the route of 350 kilometres at the speed reaching 100 km/h.

Shunting works

  • Our locomotives are suitable for shunting works
  • Our emplyees are qualified for shunting works

Hook and Haul

  • We can use our locomotives to carry your wagons
  • We are certified to transport dangerous goods
  • We are open to customise the solution to satisfy customers' needs