Reliability as standard

800km in 17h with a 44-wagon train

The modern FPL rolling stock that meets the European standards enables freight trains to travel long distances in a short time

In 2009, FPL trains consisting of 44 wagons travelled almost 800 km in 17 hours, with the average commercial speed reaching 47 km/h. It means that the speed at which our freight trains covered the distance was higher than the speed reached by passenger trains on similar routes. Such efficiency is possible thanks to the modern FPL fleet – the strongest Class 66 locomotives in Europe, with traction power exceeding 3000 HP and the maximum speed of 120 km/h.

We have an authorized examination board

Freightliner, one of the leading carriers in Europe, cares for the development and comprehensive skills of its personnel.

Developing FPL, expanding the scope of services by transports of dangerous goods as well as extensive expansion of the fleet require constant investments in expanding the qualifications, permissions and skills of the employees.

Therefore, FPL organizes its own regular trainings and exams, enabling the employees to acquire further railway qualifications that may be required.

Transports of dangerous goods in FPL’s offer

In 2010, as a reaction to the market needs, FPL expanded the services by offering transports of dangerous goods.

Using its modern Class 66 locomotives, FPL transports tanks with fuels and chemical products for a petrochemical logistics company.

FPL possesses the required licences and a professional, adequately trained crew, qualified to service the transport of dangerous goods.

From Poland to German with a single locomotive

Thanks to our modern locomotives, certified in eleven countries, including Poland and Germany, FPL carries out cross-border transports without changing the traction vehicle.

FPL has been carrying out regular transports between Poland and Germany since 2007. Class 66 locomotives, certified to operate in other European countries as well, make it possible for trains to cross the border without changing the locomotive, which substantially saves time. So far FPL has transported over 1.2 million tonnes of aggregates cross-border between Germany and Poland.

Transport and shunting with a single locomotive

Thanks to the innovative technological solutions, our modern locomotives can be applied not only to transports, but also to carry out shunting works when the freight is loaded and unloaded.

The strongest Class 66 locomotives in Europe are equipped with bogies that have a unique construction and individual torsion wheel sets. This enables the locomotives to enter curves with the radius of 80 m. As a result, shunting can be carried out efficiently and without any damages to the infrastructure of the sidings.

Our offer

  • Transport of aggregates
  • Transport of coal
  • Our locomotive – your wagons (hook and haul)
  • Cross-border transports
  • Siding services

Advantages of FPL

  • Logistics optimisation
  • Innovative rolling stock
  • Quality and safety