Reliability as standard

800km in 17h with a 44-wagon train

The modern FPL rolling stock that meets the European standards enables freight trains to travel long distances in a short time

In 2009, FPL trains consisting of 44 wagons travelled almost 800 km in 17 hours, with the average commercial speed reaching 47 km/h. It means that the speed at which our freight trains covered the distance was higher than the speed reached by passenger trains on similar routes. Such efficiency is possible thanks to the modern FPL fleet – the strongest Class 66 locomotives in Europe, with traction power exceeding 3000 HP and the maximum speed of 120 km/h.

FPL is involved in the renovation of railway infrastructure

FPL is engaged in developing railway infrastructure in order to improve and optimize the transports.

FPL actively supports projects related to the renovation of railway tracks and sidings so that the freight transported for the customer can be unloaded as close to the investment site as possible.

In 2009, FPL contributed to the reopening of a rail track section no. 415 between Gorzów Wielkopolski and Świątki. By carrying out the transports of aggregates, FPL was engaged in the organizational part of resuming the transports, helped to draw up the essential documents and obtain the required permissions.

The heaviest train in Europe

The gross weight of the trains transporting coal from the mines of Coal Holding Company “Komapnia Węglowa” is 4800 tonnes. These are currently the heaviest trains in Europe pulled by a single locomotive.

A train set consisting of 57 wagons transports 3600 tonnes of coal to Bydgoszcz. A 750 metre long train travels the route of 350 kilometres at the speed reaching 100 km/h.

In 2008, FPL started a cooperation with the heat and power plant PGE Zespół Elektrociepłowni Bydgoszcz SA providing railway transport services. As a mark of appreciation for our professionalism and innovation, we were commissioned to transport coal for three years.

Our offer

  • Transport of aggregates
  • Transport of coal
  • Our locomotive – your wagons (hook and haul)
  • Cross-border transports
  • Siding services

Advantages of FPL

  • Logistics optimisation
  • Innovative rolling stock
  • Quality and safety