Reliability as standard

Innovative rolling stock

Our rolling stock encompasses the strongest diesel locomotives in Europe and innovative wagons

FPL operates the most reliable and environmentally friendly diesel locomotives currently available on the European market.

Operating heavy trains (up to 4800 tonnes gross) is possible thanks to the excellent traction parameters of Class 66 locomotives. Due to special construction of the bogies with torsion axles the locomotives can also be used for shunting services.

The innovative construction of our wagons minimizes the risk of damage and freight loss. We have achieved that thanks to the lack of side doors and well-secured washout doors. FPL’s coal wagons are more than 9% shorter than other wagons of this type. We can form train sets consisting of 45 wagons (the standard number of wagons per train is 40) within the standard length limits on PKP PLK network lines. As a result, the loading capacity of our trains increases by 12,5%, which in turn lowers the cost of transport.


  • General description of performance
  • Radial bogie
  • Efficient combustion engine and 6 traction motors


  • Designed for aggregates and coal transports
  • FPL involved in the designing
  • Certified for use in international transports
  • Wagon measurements and carrying capacity

Service quality and safety

  • Adaptability to the customer’s needs
  • Pro-active communication
  • Price stability
  • Safety Management System