Reliability as standard

Logistics optimisation

It is the cost and time that are most important to our customers – so are they to us

The quantity and frequency of our transports are flexibly adapted to the technical and operational parameters of the railway tracks and reloading terminals. We maximize the amount of freight transported by a single train and at the same time we aim at minimizing the transport time. As a result, we are able to transport more freight within a given time limit.

We provide shunting, loading and unloading services. We suggest logistic solutions within the loading – transport – unloading chain so that the cost of the entire operation is as low as possible.

Transport and shunting with a single locomotive

Thanks to the innovative technological solutions, our modern locomotives can be applied not only to transports, but also to carry out shunting works when the freight is loaded and unloaded.

The strongest Class 66 locomotives in Europe are equipped with bogies that have a unique construction and individual torsion wheel sets. This enables the locomotives to enter curves with the radius of 80 m. As a result, shunting can be carried out efficiently and without any damages to the infrastructure of the sidings.

The heaviest train in Europe

The gross weight of the trains transporting coal from the mines of Coal Holding Company “Komapnia Węglowa” is 4800 tonnes. These are currently the heaviest trains in Europe pulled by a single locomotive.

A train set consisting of 57 wagons transports 3600 tonnes of coal to Bydgoszcz. A 750 metre long train travels the route of 350 kilometres at the speed reaching 100 km/h.

In 2008, FPL started a cooperation with the heat and power plant PGE Zespół Elektrociepłowni Bydgoszcz SA providing railway transport services. As a mark of appreciation for our professionalism and innovation, we were commissioned to transport coal for three years.

Innovative rolling stock

  • The strongest in Europe, interoperable and environmentally friendly locomotives
  • FPL mainline locomotives can also be used for shunting
  • Special wagons allowing to increase the load capacity of the trains
  • Guaranteed reliability and versatility

Service quality and safety

  • Adaptability to the customer’s needs
  • Pro-active communication
  • Price stability
  • Safety Management System