Reliability as standard

Service quality and safety

Our aim is to achieve high quality of services and at the same time to apply the highest railway transport safety standards

We offer stable prices for multi-year transport contracts. We dedicate the rolling stock exclusively for transports of our regular customers.

Adaptability to the customer’s needs is our priority when planning the transports. The latest train positioning systems make it possible to inform the customers about the progress in the transports in real time.

FPL implements the procedures of the Safety Management System, which introduces uniform proceedings in case railway transport safety, freight or environment is in danger. Special construction of the wagons, designed to hinder theft of the freight, as well as constant monitoring of the train’s position allow safe transport of the goods entrusted to us.

We have an authorized examination board

Freightliner, one of the leading carriers in Europe, cares for the development and comprehensive skills of its personnel.

Developing FPL, expanding the scope of services by transports of dangerous goods as well as extensive expansion of the fleet require constant investments in expanding the qualifications, permissions and skills of the employees.

Therefore, FPL organizes its own regular trainings and exams, enabling the employees to acquire further railway qualifications that may be required.

Transports of dangerous goods in FPL’s offer

In 2010, as a reaction to the market needs, FPL expanded the services by offering transports of dangerous goods.

Using its modern Class 66 locomotives, FPL transports tanks with fuels and chemical products for a petrochemical logistics company.

FPL possesses the required licences and a professional, adequately trained crew, qualified to service the transport of dangerous goods.

FPL is involved in the renovation of railway infrastructure

FPL is engaged in developing railway infrastructure in order to improve and optimize the transports.

FPL actively supports projects related to the renovation of railway tracks and sidings so that the freight transported for the customer can be unloaded as close to the investment site as possible.

In 2009, FPL contributed to the reopening of a rail track section no. 415 between Gorzów Wielkopolski and Świątki. By carrying out the transports of aggregates, FPL was engaged in the organizational part of resuming the transports, helped to draw up the essential documents and obtain the required permissions.

Innovative rolling stock

  • The strongest in Europe, interoperable and environmentally friendly locomotives
  • FPL mainline locomotives can also be used for shunting
  • Special wagons allowing to increase the load capacity of the trains
  • Guaranteed reliability and versatility

Logistics optimisation

  • Prompt deliveries
  • Quick reaction
  • Minimized transport time
  • Maximized tonnage of the train
  • Ensuring loading and unloading