Reliability as standard

Our locomotive – your wagons (hook and haul)

We provide locomotives and we transport freight in the customer’s wagons

We provide transport services with our locomotives and wagons belonging to our customers. All the activities connected with operating a locomotive and shunting are carried out by our employees. This is usually done according to a timetable that we have ordered. We carry out such transports both under our own licence and the customer’s licence where provide our locomotives to the customer.

At present, our locomotives provide logistic support for FPL’s key partner on the petrochemical transport market.

We have an authorized examination board

Freightliner, one of the leading carriers in Europe, cares for the development and comprehensive skills of its personnel.

Developing FPL, expanding the scope of services by transports of dangerous goods as well as extensive expansion of the fleet require constant investments in expanding the qualifications, permissions and skills of the employees.

Therefore, FPL organizes its own regular trainings and exams, enabling the employees to acquire further railway qualifications that may be required.

Transports of dangerous goods in FPL’s offer

In 2010, as a reaction to the market needs, FPL expanded the services by offering transports of dangerous goods.

Using its modern Class 66 locomotives, FPL transports tanks with fuels and chemical products for a petrochemical logistics company.

FPL possesses the required licences and a professional, adequately trained crew, qualified to service the transport of dangerous goods.

Transport of aggregates

  • Transport of aggregates in Poland and Germany
  • Shunting and unloading services
  • Co-operation with quarries and road delivery firms
  • The most efficient rolling stock

Transport of coal

  • The most efficient carrier of coal in Poland
  • Transport for power plants as well as heat and power plants
  • Servicing importers of coal