Reliability as standard

Siding services

Class 66 locomotives used by FPL can be used both on mainline transports and servicing of the sidings

Due to uniquely designed radial trucks HTCRE, Class 66 locomotives are also efficient shunting locomotives that are able to enter small radius curves without any negative influence on the track.

Our drivers are qualified as shunters and wagon inspectors. A team of dispatchers and planning officers provide 24 hours a day cover and coordination of the trains commissioned to us. In 2010, FPL concluded a contract for an extensive servicing of the sidings belonging to the heat and power plant PGE Zespół Elektrociepłowni Bydgoszcz SA.

Transport and shunting with a single locomotive

Thanks to the innovative technological solutions, our modern locomotives can be applied not only to transports, but also to carry out shunting works when the freight is loaded and unloaded.

The strongest Class 66 locomotives in Europe are equipped with bogies that have a unique construction and individual torsion wheel sets. This enables the locomotives to enter curves with the radius of 80 m. As a result, shunting can be carried out efficiently and without any damages to the infrastructure of the sidings.

FPL to service a siding

In 2010, a one-year contract was signed between FPL and the heat and power plant PGE Zespół Elektrociepłowni Bydgoszcz for an extensive servicing of the siding in EC Bydgoszcz II. FPL’s offer was selected in the proceedings to award a non-public procurement contract.

Transport of aggregates

  • Transport of aggregates in Poland and Germany
  • Shunting and unloading services
  • Co-operation with quarries and road delivery firms
  • The most efficient rolling stock

Transport of coal

  • The most efficient carrier of coal in Poland
  • Transport for power plants as well as heat and power plants
  • Servicing importers of coal