Reliability as standard


JT42CWRM locomotives (Class 66) are a guarantee for the quality of our services

The main part of the rail fleet of Freightliner PL are the new type JT42CWRM locomotives of the class 29 EMD, produced by Electro-Motive Diesel Inc. USA. These modern locomotives are being successfully utilised by many carriers, among others by Freightliner in Great Britain, where they are known under the series name of Class 66. The utilisation of this type of locomotive guarantees transport services at the highest stage.

Class 66

  • 2.268 kW traction
  • maximum speed 120 km/h
  • low fuel consumption
  • meets EU IIIA fuel consumtion norm


  • 2.420 kW 12N-710G3B-T2 engine
  • High efficiency turbocharger
  • Electronic fuel injection
  • World class fuel efficiency
  • 10-year engine overhaul period
  • Conforms with European Union Stage IIIA Exhaust Emissions.


  • Allows smooth passage on arcs and switches, especially compared to conventional 3-axle bogies
  • Reduced risk of derailment due to lower lateral rail forces
  • Allows to operate 6-axle locomotives in areas typically restricted to 4-axle locomotives
  • Reduced component wear extends bogie overhaul intervals to 1,6 million km
  • Low weight shift for high adhesion efficiency


  • 2.268 kW traction
  • High tractive effort capability: 409 kN starting 260 kN continuous at 25,6 km/h
  • Braking distance during wet & dry conditions of 594 meters at 97 kph
  • Maximum speed of 120 km/h
  • Multiple unit operation capable

Homologation and Configuration

  • Certified for use in Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Romania, France and Poland
  • Cross border operations: Germany — Belgium — The Netherlands — Poland

Safety Aspects

  • Collision protection beam 300 kN at cab front
  • Impact resistant windscreen up to 320 km/h
  • Cab structure penetration resistant (900 g) up to 240 km/h


  • Designed for aggregates and coal transports
  • FPL involved in the designing
  • Certified for use in international transports
  • Wagon measurements and carrying capacity

Service quality and safety

  • Adaptability to the customer’s needs
  • Pro-active communication
  • Price stability
  • Safety Management System