Reliability as standard


We were actively involved in the designing of our waggons

Right from the start, it has been our aim to create waggons that would grant us advantages in efficiency and reliability.
The waggons of Freightliner PL were manufactured by Greenbriar Europe in Świdnica, Poland. The 4-axle coal waggon is designed for international coal and aggregate transports (RIV/PPW).

Wagon measurements


The basic advantage is the waggon's length. While the limitations of the routes remain unchanged, we can now drive trains that are ca. 12% heavier than they would be with standard coal waggons. Still, the FPL waggons retain the standard load volume. This allows us to safely carry large aggregates.

Below are the basic measurements of the coal waggons:

  • Length over buffers: 12765 mm
  • Loading length: 11514 mm
  • Load volume: 71,8 m³


  • General description of performance
  • Radial bogie
  • Efficient combustion engine and 6 traction motors