Надежность – это наш стандарт

Our wagons - up to 29% more loading

Innovative construction inspired by Freightliner PL

Improving the effectiveness and reliability is always our main goal. Freightliner was heavily involved in designing the new, four axel box wagon manufactured by Greenbrier in Świdnica, Poland. It is a perfect wagon for coal, coke, aggregates, sand, gravel and other bulk material. It is widely used for timber transportation and can be additionally equipped with tarp for extra protection against rain and snow.

Wagon measurements

The basic advantage is the wagon's length and construction. Assuming the limitations of axel pressure of 22.5 tonnes, we can now drive trains that are ca. 29% heavier than they would be with standard wagons. Still, the Freightliner wagons retain the standard load volume.
This allows us to safely carry large aggregates.

Below are the basic measurements of our wagons:

  • Length over buffers: 12765 mm
  • Maximum loading: 69 t
  • Loading length: 11514 mm
  • Load volume: 71,8 m³

Logistics optimisation

  • Punctual delivery
  • Reliable service
  • Minimal circulation times
  • Maximisation of the weight carried in single train


  • Technical details
  • Class 66
  • Traxx E186
  • Siemens E189